FWC Violations ~ Jan 1 2009

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FWC Violations ~ Jan 1 2009
FWC Violations ~ Jan 1 2009
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Average Period: 4.4 sec
Mean Wave Direction: NNE (12°)
Atmospheric Pressure: 30.29 in (1025.8 mb)
Pressure Tendency: +0.03 in (+1.1 mb)
Air Temperature: 58°F (14.4°C)
Dew Point: 52°F (11.3°C)
Water Temperature: 67°F (19.6°C)
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FWC Violations ~ Jan 1 2009
Posted on Friday, January 09, 2009 @ 07:48:52 EST by blueoceaneyez

Florida Wildlife Commission

FWC Violations ~ Week of Jan 1, 2009



Officer Danny Arnette was on land patrol near Blackwater Wildlife Management Area where it intersects private parcels of land near Mattie Kennedy Road. He encountered several men hunting deer with dogs. Upon checking the hunters, it was determined they did not have the landowner’s approval to hunt on the land. Warnings were issued to a mid 70-year-old man and a juvenile. A citation was issued to another man in the hunting party for hunting without landowner permission.

Officer Alan Kirchinger was on land patrol when he issued a warning in the area of Peaden Bridge Road for possession of dogs in the still hunt area. The next day he issued another warning to a man near Peaden Bridge Road for hunting without a dog hunt quota stamp.

On December 26, Lieutenant Mark Hollinhead and Officer Danny Arnette were on land patrol on Highway 85, north of Crestview when they stopped a vehicle for no tail lights. The vehicle occupants were acting suspicious and a warrant check revealed an outstanding warrant for burglary and escape from confinement for one of the passengers. The suspect fugitive was taken into custody and incarcerated in the Okaloosa County Jail for the charging warrant. On December 28, Officers Van Barrow and Danny Arnette were on land patrol on a rural road in north Okaloosa County when they stopped an ATV after observing the operator displaying a light in a manner capable of disclosing the presence of wildlife. An inspection of the ATV revealed the operator was in possession of a rifle. The suspect was interviewed and it was determined that he was looking for deer. He was cited for attempting to take deer with a gun and light at night.


On December 27, Lieutenant Dan Hahr was on land patrol in rural north Santa Rosa County when he observed a vehicle operating carelessly. He stopped the truck and observed that the 19-year-old driver had been drinking. In the truck, he found a case of beer and a bottle of liquor. The appropriate citations were issued.

During the late afternoon and evening of December 29 and 30, FWC officers patrolled south Escambia and Santa Rosa County bays checking vessels for resource and safety compliance. The officers checked vessels from upper Blackwater Bay and River, Yellow River Delta and then south and west to Pensacola Bay Bridge. Seven warnings and eight citations for license violations, five boating citations were issued for lack of personal flotation devices and failure to display proper lights at night.

Officer Andy Berrey was on land patrol checking bridge fishermen in south Santa Rosa County on Escambia Bay fill area when he came upon a fisherman who spoke no English. The subject possessed several forms of identification (ID) that were not his, including an active duty soldier’s ID and Social Security card. Officer Berrey summoned a Spanish speaking deputy from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office who determined that the subject was a migrant worker from El Salvador who was living in Alabama. The subject stated that he found the identification cards near Jim’s Fish Camp. Officer Berrey seized the ID that did not belong to the subject and issued

a citation for fishing without a license. The identification cards were later returned to their rightful owner.


Officer Keith Clark stopped a vehicle in south Escambia County for displaying a tag that was not assigned to the vehicle. The driver did not have a license and was checked through Dispatch. The vehicle operator did not have a valid driver license, was registered as a habitual traffic offender, and had an active warrant for sexual assault on a child. Officer Clark arrested the driver and transported him to the Escambia County Jail and issued citations for the traffic offenses.


Officer Benjamin Johnson cited a Gadsden County man for possession of undersized speckled perch on Lake Talquin.

Officer Lane Bentley cited a Liberty County man for violation of the Hunter Responsibility Rule. The violation occurred on private land near Florida River Island.



Over several days, Officer Jamey Stowell worked a section of private land that has had repeated problems with trespassing. Over the course of Officer Stowell’s patrol in the area he issued one trespass citation to an individual hunting on the private property without permission, and approximately twenty trespass warnings.

On December 28, Officers Jamey Stowell, Alan Hofmeister and Investigator Chip Butler issued citations to three individuals involved in killing an antlerless deer out of season in the Oakleaf Plantation area. The investigation consisted of digging up the deer carcass which confirmed that the deer was in fact a doe. A 22 caliber rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun were seized.


Officer Robert Johnston was notified by the Inglis Police Department when one of their officers located some deer carcasses at a residence while they were there on an unrelated call. Officer Johnston responded and located two freshly cleaned doe deer carcasses. After interviewing the residents, Officer Johnston identified the individuals responsible for having the deer and quickly gained confessions. Officer Johnston seized the two deer and several bags of meat and charged two men with possession of antlerless deer during the closed season.

K-9 Officer Sam Dishman responded to assist a Levy County Deputy on a traffic stop where he located fresh blood coming from the trunk of a car. An inspection of the trunk revealed the carcass of a freshly killed doe deer. During the interview, Officer Dishman observed some clues

that led him to believe that there was more to the story than just one deer. After secondary interviews and a couple hours of tracking down additional evidence, Officer Dishman gained confessions that the group had illegally killed a buck the night before. Officer Dishman was able to recover both deer and the three different guns used to take them. Three of the suspects were issued court dates to answer for the violations.

On December 26, Officer Sam Dishman and Officer Dorvan Daniel were on water patrol on the Suwannee River when they located a small skiff operating slowly along the bank without the proper navigational lights. The officers stopped the vessel and discovered that the occupants were mullet fishing and had two illegal gill nets aboard. The officers seized the nets and issued court dates to the fisherman for the major net limitation violations.


On December 27, Officer Tim Sweat responded to a road hunting complaint in Nassau County. Upon arrival, Officer Sweat observed subjects catching deer hunting dogs on the county right of way. The subjects were also found to be in possession of two shotguns and one rifle. One citation and one warning were issued.

On December 26, Officer Tim Sweat was working in the Nassau Wildlife Management Area. From a concealed location, Officer Sweat observed a truck pull into a closed road of the WMA. As the truck traveled north, Officer Sweat observed a light being displayed in a manner capable of disclosing wildlife. The vehicle was stopped and the two subjects were found to be in possession of two rifles, one shotgun and a spotlight. Two citations were issued for attempting to take wildlife at night with gun and light, one citation for driving on a closed road and one traffic citation for possession of an open container of alcohol. The three firearms and spotlight were seized.

On December 27, while conducting fisheries inspections, Officer Adam Small issued one non-resident fishing license citation and one citation for open container. He also issued three warnings for littering under the Shave Bridge.


On December 30, Officer Bret Gill set up near an intersection known for illegal night hunting activity. Later that night, Officer Gill heard two gun shots close to his location. After arriving near the gun shots, Officer Gill saw a suspect vehicle fleeing the area after a .22 rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun were thrown out the window. As Officer Gill closed in on the truck, he saw a deer stuffed in the dog box in the truck bed. When contact was made, the driver had blood on his hands, in addition to the doe deer in the back of his truck. A further investigation revealed that the suspect’s vehicle matched the description of a vehicle wanted for several other crimes that occurred in the area, one of which was stealing diesel fuel from a construction site. The subjects were charged with taking deer at night, shooting from a county road, possession of a gun and light and no hunting licenses.



On the night before Thanksgiving, Officer Eric Meade responded to a landowner complaint who stated that he had heard numerous shots on property that he leases. Officer Meade went to the hunt camp on the property and found two suspects with seven freshly killed deer that had been killed that night. Lieutenant Ben Allen and Officer Rich Wilcox responded to assist with the investigation. The suspects admitted to killing the seven deer, as well as numerous other incidents of illegal hunting. The officers seized three rifles, two spotlights and the seven deer.

Over the next two weeks, Captain Gregg Eason, Lieutenant Allen, the local FWC investigator and Officer Meade continued the investigation. They interviewed numerous suspects and witnesses, recovering other firearms, a mounted deer head and deer meat. A total of 60 charges were filed with the state attorney’s office against five suspects. The charges included 37 counts of taking deer at night or during the closed season, 12 counts of willful and wanton waste of wildlife and numerous counts of taking wildlife from the roadway The incident received significant media coverage.


Retired Lieutenant Bob Lee received a call from a complainant who stated he found two hen turkeys in his yard that had been shot with a .22 and he believed his neighbor killed them. Officer Troy Starling went to the neighbor’s residence, and he denied killing the turkeys. He said he loaned his .22 rifle to his neighbor and that he shot the turkeys. Officer Starling went to the suspect’s residence who admitted he shot into a group of turkey, killing one and wounding two others that flew off. He led Officer Starling to the kill site. The suspect was charged with taking hen turkey and taking over the bag limit of turkey.

In July, Lieutenant Ben Allen and Officer Starling conducted an investigation that led to the arrest of a suspect who killed a spotted fawn. The suspect was a convicted felon and this information was relayed to the state attorney’s office. The suspect was sentenced to 60 days in jail, to begin in January for killing the spotted fawn. Since his court date, the suspect was caught burglarizing a residence. ATF has now picked up the information regarding possession of a firearm by a convicted felon when the suspect killed the fawn and he will be prosecuted federally for the firearm violation.



On December 30, Officer Dirk Williamson stopped an airboat in Lake Kissimmee for a boating safety check. He noticed the operator appeared to be impaired. After field sobriety tasks, the subject was arrested and taken to the Polk County Jail where he registered a .18 on the breathalyzer. The subject was charged with boating under the influence.



Investigator Armstrong and Reserve Officer Columbano observed a vehicle shining a light on S.R. 74. Lieutenant Brown assisted with a traffic stop and discovered a light, shotgun and one dead hog in the truck. Each of the five subjects in the vehicle had buck shot in their pockets and another loaded shotgun was discovered on the front floor board as well as more buck shot in the glove box and back seat. All five subjects received a notice to appear for possession of gun at night while shining a light.


Lieutenant Brown, while on airboat patrol on Lake Okeechobee, issued citations and warnings to three subjects hunting duck illegally before hours. He also issued citations and warnings to a second group of hunters for license violations.


Officers Daniel Caron and Kyle Patterson, Lieutenant Douglas Rogerson, U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service participated in a two day Manatee Speed Enforcement detail. Numerous vessel stops conducted for educational and enforcement purposes resulted in nine federal citations, two state citations, and five warnings. In addition to the focus on Manatee Speed Zone enforcement, officers conducted inspections for boating safety and resource issues.



Officer Erik Steinmetz recovered a stolen vessel while patrolling the Port of Miami. During a stop on a vessel that was violating the security zone, the officer observed the operator was very nervous and not proficient with operating the vessel. A registration check on the 28’ Grady White with twin Yamaha outboard motors, indicated the vessel had been reported stolen from Broward County. The subject was arrested and Dade County FWC Investigators assisted with the recovery of the stolen vessel.

Officers Joshua Peters and Jonathan Jacox recovered a stolen vessel while on patrol in the Lower Keys.

Officer Jonathan Jacox issued a notice to appear to a Miami man for possession of goliath grouper. While conducting fisheries inspections on the No Name Key Bridge, other fisherman on the bridge informed Officer Jacox that they had witnessed the subject catch the fish and conceal it inside his vehicle, even though he had a cooler on the bridge with other legal fish inside. Officer Jacox had an FWC officer applicant with him on a ride along, who is a marine scientist. She utilized her knowledge and skills to revive the goliath grouper and released it to the environment.

Shortly afterward, Officer Jacox conducted marine fisheries inspections at the Bahia Honda State Bridge and encountered two subjects with illegal Florida identification. A query through

U. S. Customs Border Patrol (USCBP) revealed that both subjects were illegal immigrants and were arrested by USCBP. The next day, the officer issued citations to another Miami man at the Pine Channel Bridge for possession of undersize mutton snapper and gag grouper.

Twelve boating accidents were investigated during the past week, one involving a fatality near Rodriquez Key. The fatality occurred after one of several men in a canoe fell overboard after standing up in the unstable craft. The victim was in his seventies.


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FWC Violations ~ Jan 1 2009

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